For clients

  • Something Fishy - a pro-recovery site for people with eating disorders and their families (
  • Recovery record (App) -  an app to help monitor food, mood, and coping strategies which can be securely linked with your clinician (
  • Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) - resources for clinicians and those in recovery (

For parents/carers

  • EDANZ (Eating Disorders Association New Zealand) - Offers support and education to parents and careers of people with eating disorders in New Zealand (
  • F.E.A.S.T-  a support based agency in the United States carers (
  • Maudsley Parents - a site to provide information about FBT and support for parents in FBT treatment including an online forum (
  • Around the Dinner Table Forum (FEAST) Parents supporting parents through question and answer forum
  • The New Maudsley Approach - A resource for careers of people with eating disorders (

For professionals