Emma Thomas

Bachelor of Psychology

Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Specialist training in CBT-e for Eating Disorders and the Health at Every Size approach (HAES) 

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Emma's passion lies in helping women to break free from disordered patterns of eating and negative body image, helping to repair their relationship with food and their bodies. 

She helps women to: identify and overcome triggers to bingeing and dieting; decrease obsessive thoughts about food and weight; improve self esteem, self compassion and body image; decrease shame and anxiety; learn to manage difficult feelings without using food; and to tune into one's hunger and satiety signals to allow a more peaceful, mindful relationship with food.  

After many years in the corporate world of marketing, Emma retrained in counselling and psychotherapy and has always had an interest in the psychology behind disordered eating and weight cycling. 

Emma has a bachelor of psychology, a master of counselling and psychotherapy, specialist training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E), Family Based Treatment for adolescents (FBT), the Health at Every Size approach (HAES), and Supportive Specialist Clinical Management (SSCM) for adults with anorexia nervosa. 

She works in an empathic, non-judgmental way, drawing from a mix of Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Narrative, Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) and Solution-Focused Therapies (SFT), and is also trained in mindfulness techniques and Motivational Interviewing (a way of working with ambivalence to change which is a common factor in treating eating disorders).

Emma will be away on maternity leave from 22 July 2019 until November 2019.


100 Minutes : $320

Treatment Sessions
50 Minutes : $160

If you would like to make an appointment or make a confidential enquiry please email here.