And now we wait…

It is without a question, that this year and the last few months have been very challenging for many people in New Zealand. Our normalities and routines have been disrupted like probably never before. At NZEDC, we have seen the number of referrals spike dramatically, highlighting the fact how this years’ events are impacting our society’s mental health.

One group that seems to have been especially affected (at least in terms of referrals to our clinic) seems to be the younger ones, our adolescents. From what we hear, waiting lists are long everywhere at present. Our clinicians as much as everyone else will be trying their best to see new patients as soon as humanly possible, however, we are aware that this may simply not be enough and that there might be some questions, and the need for “something to do already”, and also a need for some information around the nature of what you’re dealing with. In light of this, we have decided to put together a few links below to some resources that you may or may not yet have come across, and we hope that they may be of some help to you in the meantime, while you are waiting to receive the help you are wanting for yourself or your loved one.



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