Kathrin Kuebler

Clinic Manager

Kath is the right hand of the New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic. She has a rich work and personal history. Originally from Germany where she first worked as a detective and then did a Masters degree in Linguistics and Phonetics, she moved to New Zealand in 2010 for a job as a lecturer with the University of Auckland. She has since left the education sector and is now bringing her many interests and experiences into her work at NZEDC. When she is not at the clinic, she works in her own body work and massage practice, climbs mountains, or pursues one of her creative interests.

Kath is enthusiastic about enabling people to break free from the limitations they have allowed to be put on them, and about bringing them back in touch with their true nature. You will always find a warm smile and an open ear with her, and she will be pleased to assist you in any way she can.

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