Stuck and not eating! Anorexia/retrictive eating disorders: parents' meal support tips

What can you do when in spite of your support, your child (whatever their age) seems stuck part-way through a meal, or at the start, or close to the end? How long should you keep someone from anorexia (or another restrictive eating disorder) at the table? What about incentives and leverage/sanctions? What to do about the missing calories? Should you be offering alternative foods or be a brick wall? And what about an approach many parents swear by: "Life stops until you eat (LSUYE")? 

This video outlines the range of approaches that have worked for others using family-based treatment, and what we know from research.

You might be at the re-feeding stage, where you’re requiring your child to eat what you’re putting on their plate and you’re aiming for rapid weight gain if your child is underweight. 
Or you might be at another stage where you’re doing exposure and desensitisation work on foods which your child used to eat but has been avoiding for a while.

This informative and helpful video may provide some tips.