RESTORE - Nutrition Education Group with Garalynne Stiles at NZEDC


A nutrition education group for parents engaged in

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) 

90 minute interactive talk led by dietetic interns at Massey University and Garalynne Stiles, NZRD. 

Come and learn about normal healthy eating, tips on how to re-feed your child, how to interpret weight changes and how to manage fullness.  


Venue:               New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic
                           52 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland

Cost:                 $50 per couple (others acting in the parental role are welcome – please arrange alternative care for your children)

Next date:        Thursday 11th April 7pm


To register please contact Garalynne on

Flyer and Registration Form


Garalynne Stiles, NZEDC     


Garalynne Stiles is a Registered Dietitian who first entered the field of nutrition because she liked to cook and wanted to understand how people thought about food.  That passion brought her from her home in Seattle all the way to New Zealand.  

Garalynne has been working in mental health and eating disorders in New Zealand since 2009, including seven years at Tupu Ora Regional Eating Disorder Service.  She is experienced in tailoring nutrition care to evidence based treatments, including Family-based Treatment (FBT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in tandem with your primary therapist.   Garalynne provides dietetic nutrition care for children and their families, older adolescents and adults with both mild forms of disordered eating and severe eating disorders.  Knowing that each individual is unique, Garalynne enjoys helping people figure out what normal eating means for them.  

Garalynne is also provides primary treatment for patients with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Enhanced (CBT-E). 

Massey Dietetic Students

The Master of Nutrition and Dietetics programme at Massey University boasts a strong link between academia, clinical practice and research. It seeks to grow high calibre graduates who will enter the health workforce with competence and confidence.  Providing real-life exposure and hands-on training to their students underpins this goal. 

The collaboration between the Nutrition and Dietetic Centre and New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic upholds the Massey philosophy

The dietetic students you will encounter are all qualified Nutritionists – they have already completed three years undergraduate study in Nutrition and some have also majored in Psychology or Sports & Exercise. The MSc Nutrition and Dietetics programme is a two year postgraduate degree and the students involved at Grafton specialists will either be in the first or second year of their Masters programme. 

The students undertake internships in various organisations including District Health Boards. As a result they undergo police vetting, are reference checked and also screened in accordance with the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. In addition, they go through strict health screening in line with DHB policies. All the students also comply with professional conduct and confidentiality requirements in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and the Privacy Act 1993.      

Students develop and deliver education with the support of experienced an Registered Dietitians who also fulfils a Clinical Educator role at Massey University.