FAT TALK - Tuesday 4 Dec, 2018

On Tuesday night, FAT TALK was held at Lost and Led Astray (plus size fashion label) in Auckland.  Emma Thomas (eating disorder therapist and Health At Every Size advocate, NZ Eating Disorder Clinic) and Meagan Kerr (plus size fashion blogger ThisisMeaganKerr.com) presented this evening, hosted by Sarah-Jane Duff, designer and founder of FAT YOGA NZ.  This was an evening aimed at helping people deal with fears around eating over the holiday period, as well as dealing with the fat shaming messages that often surround this period.   There were also some pretty big truth bombs dropped about the actual possibility of long term weight loss, the damaging nature of dieting and diet culture, and uncovering some myths around the actual relationship between weight and health.  

It was a powerful evening and a safe space for those living in larger bodies or who generally feel uncomfortable in their bodies to have open and honest conversations about weight.  Everyone left with a renewed sense of hope that the only path to happiness is not, in fact, by changing our bodies, but by changing attitude to our bodies and getting skeptical about the fat phobic messages we receive from multiple sources on a daily basis.