Toxic Training - How to Recognize the Signs of an Athlete in Trouble

The early signs of an exercise addiction and eating disorders often look very much like the behaviors of an individual who is dedicated to hard work and disciplined eating – all in good health. That’s why it’s very easy for parents, coaches, trainers and anyone in the fitness industry to miss the signs that a person – of any age or gender – is struggling with exercise addiction, which often co-occurs with an eating disorder. With so much cultural emphasis placed on peak athletic performance, athletes are often driven to achieve the perfect body size and shape for their particular sport; the quest to lose or gain weight can be particularly in young athletes.

The people closest to the athlete or fitness “fanatic” are often impressed by his or her dedication and work ethic, and may even encourage the unhealthy behaviors because of their own attitudes about weight and dieting .

Parents, coaches and, trainers can set the tone and encourage a healthy attitude about sport and fitness. The first step is to learn to recognize the signs that an individual is struggling.

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Blog Written by: Casey Ribek