Hope Night Flyer

The New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic NZEDC is hosting a “Hope Night“ on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at the Mercury Theatre at 9 Mercury Lane. It is a night of hope for people who are struggling with eating disorders and their families.

The purpose of the night is to inspire hope and advocate that recovery is possible. It is to show people who are in the midst of an eating disorder that becoming free of an eating disorder is possible and it is to encourage parents to not give up and keep fighting for their loved one.

We also have a special guest June Alexander all the way from Australia skyping in. She will be speaking about using narrative diary writing as a self-help and therapeutic tool.

There will be a panel with a range of different people talking about their journey and what they have learnt. We want to share the perspectives from parents as well as from people who have had an eating disorder themselves.

Kellie Lavender and Dr Roger Mysliwiec from NZEDC will also be available to answer questions about eating disorders and their treatment.

The night is free and open to the public and we will be working with school counsellors and other eating disorder clinics to promote the event since it is a topic which affects many people in society on some scale.

Click here for the flyer.

If you are interested please contact Jess Putt via email: jessp@nzedc.co.nz