Dr Roger Mysliwiec and the Neuroscience of Eating Disorders

NZEDC is proud to support Dr Roger Mysliwiec who is a Key note speaker and workshop presenter at the International Conference of Neuropsychotherapy in Brisbane, May 23-26 2017.


The Intriguing Nature of Eating Disorders

Why do some people consider chocolate their best friend, and sometimes their worst enemy? Why would some people agree with the words of Kate Moss, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!”? Why is it so difficult for most people to maintain a lower weight after weight loss, and why is it so challenging to help someone with anorexia to increase their weight and maintain it? Why are diets generally so unhelpful? Can neuroscience take the field further in its understanding of eating disorders and, most importantly does it have the potential to advance treatment and improve recovery rates?

Roger will explore these questions in his keynote address by providing a brief general overview of eating disorders and then exploring their neurobiological underpinnings and the implications for treatment. He will highlight some key findings of neuroscience informed studies, which have helped improve our understanding of eating disorders and their potential relevance for treatment. This will include in more depth an exploration of the interplay of reward processing and homoeostatic metabolic feedback loops and their relevance for weight regulation and over- and under-eating. He will report on some novel treatment approaches and will discuss the likely direction of future treatment developments.  

For more information on the conference in Australia follow this link.